Red Alert! Update on FDA Food Safety Modernization Act

An update on Senate Bill 510 (S.510) – Draconian ‘Food Safety’ Bill Threatens Small/Family American Food Producers
This news report comes from Alex Jones, filmaker, documentarian and host of talk the biggest (most listened to) internet talk show. I respect the info he puts out. If you don’t know about him, go ahead and check out his news site and

Whether this bill will actually “shut down farmer’s markets” or “make it illegal” to keep a garden is debatable (those are claims people are making). However, it is obvious to me that the bill does not really address the problems that come from our centralized,large scale industrial ag model…it just doesn’t work. All the outbreaks and contamination is basically nature saying “ENOUGH!” with the way we’re currently doing things. I believe the real answer to food safety and security is the promotion of local food production for local consumption…small, diversified farms. This bill does nothing to move towards localized food systems and actually helps the big industry guys. AND putting all food production under the control of Gov’t just don’t sit well with me.

Please just look over the information and make your own judgement. There’s some links to the actual piece of proposed legislation in the article. Do your own research as well (try Google S.510). Comments are encouraged.
Please do two things:
1. Watch the video report from Alex Jones (see below)

If you’re not really up on the issues with centralized, industrial food production I suggest you watch movies like Food Inc or Fresh (i posted a link to full movie in a previous post) and check out books like The Omnivore’s Dilemma by Michael Pollan. That’s just a start.

Here’s another little thing I just noticed as I was reading the bill (READ IT HERE) At the bottom of the page, there are two lists; organizations that support and those that oppose the bill. I think this info says a lot. Check it out:
Support (amended)
Consumers Union
Center for Science in the Public Interest
Food Marketing Institute
Consumer Federation of America
National Restaurant Association
General Mills
National Association of Manufacturers
International Dairy Foods Association
American Public Health Association
Grocery Manufacturers Association
American Bakers Association

American Grassfed Association
National Family Farm Coalition
Farm to Consumer Legal Defense Fund
Weston A. Price Foundation
Raw Milk Association of Colorado
Farm Family Defenders
Small Farms Conservancy
National Independent Consumers and Farmers Association
Carolina Farm Stewardship Association

oooh! and here’s a list of reported contributions to congressional campaigns of Senators in office during the 111th U.S. Congress, from interest groups invested in the vote. Interesting to note that the most of the co-sponsors of this bill received the highest campaign contributions. Follow the money…

If you’re a little lazy to do your own research, i did a little for you:

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  1. Posted by Michael Bulger on September 24, 2010 at 4:14 pm

    You can read about how this bill protects small farms and organics here:

    You can sign SlowFood USA’s petition to pass S. 510 at this link:


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